5 How to Showcase Your Own Signature Living Room

When you often receive guests in your living room and want to impress them, don’t stop right there. You can decorate your signature living room design that only can you have it. Here’s how:

1. Using your color palettes to make a tone.

What makes Wes Anderson’s movie so special and comfortable to watch? It’s the color design! His color palettes distinct him from other directors. Find colors that represent who you are. Then, make sure your walls, furniture, tiles, or ceiling has the same color palettes. 

Same palettes rustic wooden furniture with brown sofa|source

Elegant all blue decor ideas to showcase your own signature living room|source

Cheerful yellow decor from sofa and wall decoration the same|source

Matching decor from grey sofa and wall palettes|source

Relax and quiet with sky blue furniture living room decor ideas|source

Stunning all Neutral living room decor ideas|source

Side by the natural own signature living room decor|source

Sweet and cute with all pink furniture to showcase own signature your living room decor|source

2. Using the shape to communicate 

Remember Tron movie where every design in the city is just a pile of lines, squares, or triangles? It shows the shape and also represents science fiction. Every shape has a character. What shape portrays your character? Apply this to your furniture, carpet, curtain, and everything.

Festive living room decor with characters pillows|source

Elegant and expensive maroon semicircle sofas to showcase own signature living room decor|source

Best hexagon furniture living room decor to showcase your own signature|source

Dazzaling color trends for you want to apply to your living room decoration|source

Beautiful flower rug to showcase your own signature living room decor|source

Farmhouse decor with fur rug and deer head wall furniture to living room decor|source

Pink and turquoise green color furniture that you like to showcase own signature living room decor|source

Unique furniture design above the table to living room decor ideas|source

Brave and different velvet sofa patterned to showcase your own signature living room|source

3. Using attention to highlight 

You don’t want your living room is just stone dead, aren’t you? Make them live as they are there for a purpose. So, arrange visual element to make your stuff communicate. A highlight is a key to give a neat layout, for example, a vas in a pale table as a centerpiece. So, what attention do you want to show?

Beautiful pink rose floral in the vas above rustic table to decor your living room|source

Awesome floral greenery in a neutral living room|source

Stunning gold sunburst mirrors in a dramatic color of living room decor|source

Best double maroon velvet sofa in a dramatic blue living room|source

Amazing coffee table design, small but captivating in the living room|source

Adorable to creating blue top-shelf minilibrary in your limited space living room|source

Most Creative DIY floral book shelf to highlight in your living room decoration|source

Cute and elegant floor lamp replica to highlight showcase your own signature living room |source

Stunning gold coffee table in dramatic of dark grey room|source

Awesome design hanging potrait family to highlight showcase own signature living room|source

4. Using contrast to strengthen your message

Basically, contrast can make you distinguish one thing to another and draw attention. Because of this distinction, your message will be easier to catch. When you put a pale white on your wall, don’t be afraid to give black, blue or red to your carpet, ceiling, or curtain. Also, combine this when you decide your shape and layout.

Beautiful pink sofa contrasts a neutral living room|source

Wonderful contemporary rugs to showcase your own signature living room|source

Best double hanging yellow lamp to living room decor ideas|source

Gold and blue furniture gives a contrasting color in a dark dominant room, and that was great ideas|source

Cute pink coffee table to mystery living room decor|source

Elegant blue curtain to decor your neutral living room|source

Beautiful patterned rugs to give color your living room decor ideas|source

Wonderful blue velvet sofa in a white living room gives a significant contrasting color|source

5. Using your signature item

Actually, it is pretty obvious. When you wear round black glasses, you can’t avoid people calling you Harry Potter. Because that’s his. You are wearing his glasses. So, find something that only you can have it. Market it. Make it iconic.

Best living room decor with classy wooden furnitur to your signature item|source

Simple neutral living room decor to describe yourself has simple personality|source

Softly and peaceful with grey decor for your living room own signature|source

Using your signature item with Scandinavian living room decor|source

Simple and elegant with each single chairs furniture in your living room decor|source

Amazing bohemian decor to showcase your signature item living room |source

The best contemporary decoration you can choose as your typical living room decor|source

Brilliant farmhouse decor to showcase your signature item living room ideas|source

Making a signature style is not a sign of narcissistic. It’s just a way to express and find your true self. Thus, the living room is just another medium to explore. It can show your identity. More importantly, it can make you way recognizable.

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