Know These Types of Bathroom Sink Before You Install It in Your Precious Bathroom

We a wide range of its selections, we understand that picking bathroom sink can be a daunting task. Regardless of what materials they are made, there are five varieties of sinks. Be wise about making your choice, and you will be rewarded with how these things make a lot of differences to your bathroom.

1. Wall-Mounted Sinks

This is the best choice if you have quite a little space for your bathroom. Mostly, wall-mounted sinks like this are used for a minimalist bathroom. This kind of sink allows you to have more space to work even inside a tiny bathroom.

The sink is attached to the wall with a large mirror above it|source

Nice table with an attractive sink on the wall|source

The idea of a sink clinging to the wall with a small flower pot beside it|source

The sink design on the wall is amazing|source

Fabulous marble table with a sink on the wall|source

Sink on the wall with a nice hanging table|source

Bathroom design with a sink and beautiful wooden table|source

2. Drop-In Sinks

As its name suggests, drop-in sinks are dropped down to a certain place. These places can be mostly is vanity, or a counter, or any other thing that can fit the bowl of the sink or basin. This is the most general sink that fits any kind of bathroom. 

White bathroom design with beautiful drop-in sinks|source

The sink drop-in sinks with a mirror above it|source

The idea of a sink drop-in sinks with an amazing wooden table|source

Simple drop-in sink sink design with a rustic feel|source

A white hanging table with an attractive drop-in sink sink|source

Excellent drop-in sink sinks suitable for all types of your bathroom|source

Sink drop-in sinks with white bowls|source

3. Pedestal

This type of sink is great for small bathroom. It is low budget, easy to remodel or remove within a day or two. Some say it will be difficult to install vanity with this style of sink, but there is always a way with vanities.

Bathroom design with white pedestel|source

Modern bathroom design with nice pedestel|source

Beautiful mirror frame with psdestel underneath|source

The floor is wood motif with extraordinary pedestel|source

White pedestel according to the color of your bathroom|source

Round mirror with beautiful pedestel underneath|source

Pedestal sink with wooden motif floor|source

4. Corner

Corner type sinks are actually almost the same with hang in the wall sinks, or wall-mounted sinks. Instead of being mounted on a flat wall, it is designed to be mounted at the wall’s corner.

Beautiful sink in the corner of the wall for your small bathroom|source

The idea of a corner sink with a white bowl|source

A nice hanging rack with a corner sink underneath|source

A corner sink with a rack to hang the towel under|source

Long mirror with a simple corner sink|source

Design a corner sink with flowers beside it|source

An amazing sink idea with decorative lights on it|source

5. Table-Top

Table top sink is a basin that is put right at the top of a table. The table mostly is vanities. Some people also call it vessel sinks or vanity sinks. This kind of sinks are best for a fancy master bathroom, or any kind of bathroom which usually are big. 

A simple table with a sink above it|source

The wooden table with two sinks above is amazing|source

Bathroom with a rustic feel with a sink on a wooden table|source

Modern bathroom design with outstanding sink countertop|source

Big mirror ideas with white sink countertops|source

A nice sink with a simple wooden table|source

Amazing wooden table with a beautiful sink|source

There are wide selections of bathroom sink, and before you decide to buy. Make sure to understand its characteristics, usage and effects on your bathroom. Happy hunting!

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