3 Easy DIY Pallet Projects You’ll Love to Try

Pallet is cheap and easy to get so that it becomes popular among do-it-yourselfers. The pallet DIY furniture surely adds value to your home décor. Have you got one at home? If not, you should make one. 

Do you need more clues? You can read these three easy DIY pallet projects and give them a try. 

1. From a Pallet to a Bookshelf

Book lovers, if you can’t stop buying new books, you’ll need this pallet project. Instead of buying a new bookshelf, turn a pallet into a bookshelf. Thus, you can store your book collections like a pro. It surely saves your money and collections.

Before building your bookshelf from the pallet, you need to consider the room space. Make sure that the bookshelf won’t overload. You might use the idea of a floating bookshelf (for a small space room) and a freestanding bookshelf (for a large space room).

Paint the pallet wood in bright or neutral colors. They will give you amazing radiant colors when they meet your colorful book covers. 

Freestanding bookshelf from a pallet|source

Bookshelf for kids from old pallets|source

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DIY rustic hanging bookshelf from pallet |source

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2. From a Pallet to a Shoe Rack

Women are the best shoe collectors. Then, one shoe rack will never be enough to store your shoes. If you keep buying new shoes without proper storage plans, these large numbers of shoes can cause clutter to your home. You definitely won’t love it. 

Like it or not, you must have a new shoe rack for new shoes. Do you prefer buying a shoe rack or building your exclusive bookshelf from extra pallet woods you have at home? If the second one is your answer, then you have saved more money for more shoes. 

All you need to prepare are wood glue, saw, clamps, brad nails, and pallet woods. Then, conjoin all materials to shape cubbies. Make sure that they have a slightly different size to ensure all types of shoes can fit inside. You can make as many cubbies as possible; then, stack them vertically to a wall to keep the floor spacious. 

Hanging shoes rack from pallets|source

A shoe rack as well as a recycled pot from an old pallet|source

DIY shoes rack from pallet ideas|source

Pallet shoes holder DIY|source

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Rustic shoes rack from pallets in the corner of the room|source

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Shoes storage from recycled pallets|source

Easy and cheap pallet shoes rack project|source

3. From a Pallet to a Mirror

It is not expensive to have a unique and rustic mirror at home. You can make a pallet-framed mirror. It is not only stunning but also functional for your room décor in a living room or bathroom. 

An idea of a random scarp design accentuates the mirror rustic look. Then, how to make it? You only need a frameless mirror, some pallet woods, wood glue, and saw. 

First, cut the woods with different sizes. Then, conjoin them with wood glue onto the mirror as its frame. You could paint the woods if you want to. Finally, your unique pallet-framed mirror is ready to attach to a wall.

Single mirror from old wooden pallets|source

Best double mirrors from pallets for bathroom decor ideas|source

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Custom live edge recycled pallet hardwood hanging wall|source

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Recycled pallet hardwood hanging wall at the bathroom|source

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Rustic reclaimed pallet wood frame|source

Rustic bathroom mirror made reclaimed pallet wood|source

Hopefully, those three DIY pallet projects have inspired you to be craftier homeowners.

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