4 Gorgeous DIY Furniture for your Home

One of the best things about living on your own home is the home décor challenges. It’s your responsibility to decorate and make your house a beautiful and comfortable place for living. 

One of the ways to do easy decoration is by buying a piece of on-trend furniture and throw it in your house. But, if you are the one who minds splurging money on expensive furniture, you might like the idea of building your exclusive ones. 

DIY furniture is pretty popular now. It is not only worthy but also manageable to do. From living room to bedroom, here are four gorgeous DIY Furniture for your home. 

1. DIY Old Drawers Footrest

Have an empty but sturdy old drawer? You can turn it into a gorgeous footrest. You need foam and fabric to upholster the drawer. If you want a cozy and relaxing footrest, you should have the proper foam thickness. 

Give it a paint refresh and add small legs as its base. Now, you can rest your tired feet in style while watching your favorite movie or checking your social media. 

DIY old drawer footrest with artistic pattern fabric|source

Repurpose DIY old drawer footrest|source

Beautiful DIY old drawer footerst with fabric geomertic motive|source

Lovely DIY old drawer footrest with fabric floral |source

Beautiful classic look with leather and reddish plitur |source

Rustic DIY old drawer footrest |source

Multipurpose DIY older drawer footrest|source

Beautiful DIY old drawer footrest with fabric burlap|source

Very comfortable old DIY drawer footrest|source

2. DIY Old Ladders Towel Rack 

You don’t need to buy a towel rack if you have an old ladder at home. You can easily transform the ladder into the towel rack. All you need is a versatile ladder. You won’t need anything else than a ladder, sandpaper, and paint (optional).

Sandpaper the ladder to reduce its rough surface so that it won’t break your towel later. Paint it your favorite color. Then, your brand-new DIY furniture for a bathroom is ready to use. 

Beautiful color to recycle DIY old stairs as a towel hanger|source

Mini DIY old ladders towel rack|source

Simple old DIY ladder recycled as a towel rack|source

A rustic DIY old ladders towel rack|source

Two old DIY ladders recycled as towel racks and an additional minimalist basket|source

Towel ladders gives a perfect charm to your bathrooms decor|source

The best inspiration ideas to repurpose DIY old ladders towel rack|source

4 rung stained carbon grey for ledders towel rack|source

Bookcase ladder as a towel rack|source

Tapered wooden ladder basket shelf|source

Toilet ladder rack|source

DIY old ladder towel/ blanket rack|source

3. DIY Old Tire Ottoman

Can’t afford that chic minimalist-styled ottoman? Take your old tire or purchase the inexpensive one in a thrift store, and upholster it with fabric, rope, or leather. Then, you will get a new ottoman you want. 

You can use this old tire ottoman to decorate your bedroom or living room. It will never fail to please your eyes. Besides, the ottoman is also a cozy and comfortable seating plan for you. 

Unique string tire park bench|source

Garden tire table to vintage bedroom|source

Elegant green tire coffee table with glass|source

Beautiful double tire DIY sofa with floral |source

DIY tire with superhero figures are suitable decor to your living room |source

DIY tire comfort dog bed|source

Modern DIY old tire ottoman with storage |source

Golden DIY tire coffee table|source

Cute sofa from DIY old tire|source

Reporpose DIY old tire ottoman|source

4. DIY Barn Door Headboard

If you can’t find a headboard that showcases your personality, you can build it from an unused old barn door. The structure of the natural barn door will give your bedroom a rustic and charming look. 

You can add some decorative ornaments on the headboard, such as pins, garlands, pictures, stickers, inspirational phrases, and photos as the focal point. These decorative ornaments must not only adorn the headboard but also reflect your personalities. 

DIY barn door headboard with two lamps ont the side and mr&mrs decor on it|source

DIY barn door headboard with wreath single|source

A large headboard with overhead light|source

Minimalis reporpose old headboard with lights |source

DIY barn door headboard ideas|source

Swing arm lights attached to rustic headboard|source

DIY old barn door rustic headboard with lace decoration|source

Beautiful reclaimed wooden headboard ideas|source

You could certainly build any gorgeous DIY furniture for your home when you put your mind to it. So, let your creativity flows and create more DIY furniture projects for your lovely house.

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