35 Great Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

Decorating your apartment for Christmas can be challenging, especially if you live in a small space. It can be pretty tricky to make it look bigger than it actually is. However, it’s not quite impossible. You just have to find and know where to put things to make the space appear spacious. That said, placement is definitely important. It doesn’t stop there, though! The right decors can also make quite the differences in a small space, so that should be taken into consideration, too.

Here we’ve compiled some of the greatest Christmas decor ideas you can implement in your apartment. Varying from simple christmas garlands, to glamorous hanging trees made out of string lights, and twigs, we’ve got everything covered. All there’s left to do is find the furniture that resonate well with your apartment and place them where they need to be. One tip that one should remember is to not clutter your apartment too much. It’s one thing to be festively decorated, and another thing to be to have too much clutter that you can barely function. Take these things into account and have fun decorating!

1. Christmas garland for cabinet rack with bold decor|source

2. Christmas garland for beautiful chandelier|source

3. Slim Christmas tree in the corner of the room is suitable for your small apartment|source

4. Three flower corals hung from each window, making the room appear wider|source

5. Medium Christmas tree above the basket looks cute for your living room|source

6. Miniature city with three cute Christmas trees accompany your Christmas celebration|source

7. Beautiful Christmas tree in the corner of the living room|source

8. Minimalist Christmas tree decor|source

9. DIY Christmas tree, two minimalist Christmas trees, and neatly arranged bouquets of flowers on the wall|source

10. Warehouse boxes with stars and light for Christmas decorations|source

11. White candles of pine scent with two minimalist Christmas trees with burlap bucket add to the thick feel of a classic Christmas|source

12. Christmas garland for stairs and lots of Christmas trees on the table |source

13. Paper in the form of a Christmas tree attached to the wall and a minimalist Christmas tree on the table|source

14. Three beautiful bouquets hanging on the wall for christmas decor|source

15. a minimalist Christmas tree in a basket with three socks hanging behind it|source

16. Christmas garland on stairs and small Christmas tree with ornament decoration|source

17. Beautiful snowflake ornaments for decorating your walls|source

18. Wood slices christmas centerpiece to hang chandles|source

19. Christmas festive ornaments, alternative to decorate your apartment window|source

20. A simple Christmas wreath decorates your wine table|source

21. A picture of a Christmas tree affixed to the wall adding lights and several gifts is suitable for your Christmas DIY decoration|source

22. Clasic christmas mantel decor|source

23. Small Christmas Tree in Glass Tumblers |source

24. Buffalo Plaid Christmas decor for your livingroom|source

25. Wooden board Christmas tree with lights|source

26. Small christmas tree on a table with pom-pom ornaments|source

27. Christmas chandle decoration|source

28. Classic christmas garland for your television table|source

29. Large Christmas tree with ornament decoration|source

30. Alternative Christmas Tree for the Wall |source

31. Simple christmas decoration for your small living room|source

32. Christmas trees light on the wall|source

33. Large Christmas tree in the corner of the room and star lights hanging on the wall|source

34. DIY Christmas tree with a Christmas ornament tree in the center|source

35. Simple Christmas decorations with garlands hanging on the windows and Christmas cushions on the living room chairs|source

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