25 Futuristic Fireplace Designs For An Art Installation-Like Living Room

It’s cold out there, and you don’t have a chimney in your house. Don’t worry; you can have a fireplace without a chimney—it uses a stove. Interestingly, you can decorate them as you like even as similar to your favorite fine art installation. Here’s how: 

1. Using unique shapes 

You can have this by “copying” what you saw at the art gallery. The idea is to have a random shape in the room, and that random shape is your fireplace. Imagine you have a ball, curve, or abstract box with fire inside. It would be so gorgeous. Also, install flue pipes too to avoid carbon inside your room.

A Simple Living Room Design With Globe Futuristic Fireplace For Small Space To Make It Look Good
Image Source Home-designing
A Stunning Ethanol Futuristic Fireplace In The Living Room Design To Bring An Atmosphere Of Warmth
Image Source Home-designing
A Unique Hanging Rotating Futuristic Fireplace For Outdoor Living Room To Warm The Body From The Cold Air In The Outside
Image Source Home-designing
An Amazing Ultra Modern Living Room With Rectangle Futuristic Fireplace For Large Space
Image Source Sudata.info
An Awesome Wall Mount Electric Fireplace That Mounted On The Wall For Living Room Idea To Add Warmth And Elegant Look
Image Source Home-designing
An Elegant Long Inbuilt Futuristic Fireplace That Merges With TV Stand In The Living Room For Minimalist Decor In 2019
Image Source Home-designing

2. Wall-mounted fireplace

If you have problems with flue pipes, this type will be easier to design. The idea is to have your design hanging on the wall. It’s like how you apply to your TV, but it’s fire instead. Try to be creative on the design by, for example, installing a painting that can open/close to become a fireplace. Remember, your material better be fireproof.

A Fantastic Rectangle Futuristic Fireplace For Wall Mounted Idea In The Modern Living Room Design
Image Source Modern Living London
A Minimalist Wall Mounted Round Futuristic Fireplace For Monochromatic Living Room To Complete Your Room
Image Source Trendir
A Relaxing Living Room Decor With Sleek Light Gray Futuristic Fireplace That Mounted On The Wall To Create Amazing Room
Image Source Ventless Fireplace Pros
A Wonderful Wall Mounted Contemporary Fireplace Idea With TV Above It Is Designed For Small Living Room Idea
Image Source Aeropaca
An Innovative Living Room Designs With See Through Direct Vent Gas Futuristic Fireplace For Wall Mounted Idea For Luxury Decor
Image Source Trendir

3. Furniture fireplace

Maybe it will need so many works, but it will be awesome. The idea is to decorate artworks in your furniture alongside a fireplace. You can put a unique shaped table with fire as a centerpiece, or you can have a cabinet with fire in the middle. To avoid damages of your artworks, use vent in your installation. 

A Clever Fireplace Next To The Chair With A House Plant In Front Of It To Create Fresh Ambiance
Image Source House Beautiful
A Creative Fireplace Covered With Roots Beside Wooden Rack To Make It Look An Art
Image Source House Beautiful
A Fantastic Fireplace In The Middle Of Bookshelf And Work Table With Unique Mirror Above It For Living Room Decor Idea
Image Source House Beautiful
A Gorgeous Living Room With Black Fireplace Beside Bookshelves At The Corner For More Elegant Look
Image Source House Beautiful
A Shabby Chic Living Room With Marble Fireplace In The Middle Of Pink Sofas To Look More Presentable
Image Source House Beautiful

4. Hanging fireplace

This one looks really hard to design, but actually, it’s easier. You can design your flue pipes come out from the ceiling with a container for the fire stove at the lower end. Make sure your pipe material is strong enough to handle the stove and fire.

A Classy Sleek Black Hanging Fireplace For Contemporary Living Room Design
Image Source Lushome
A Cool Suspended Wood Burning In Hanging Fireplace For Cool Living Room With Big Windows To Make Good Lighting
Image Source Burning Log
A Cute Square Hanging Fireplace For Professional Look To Charm Your Living Room In 2019
Image Source Lushome
An Attractive Hanging Cone Fireplace For Minimalist Living Room Decor To Make Good Looking
Image Source Beauty Fires

5. Using vent less fireplace

Remember King Ozai’s room from The Avatar? It’s so intimidating. The idea is to make a fireplace that is set freely or vent less. To make a fireplace design like King Ozai’s, for example, you can make small pits of fire on your floor. Maybe it’s not children friendly, but the effect will be stunning.

A Brilliant Electric Vent Less Fireplace In The Middle Of White Cabinets To Add A Warmth In Your Living Room
Image Source Deavita
A Cute Gel Vent Less Fireplace To Warm Your Room Around It For Living Room Design In 2019
Image Source Deavita
A Simple Concrete Vent Less Fireplace For Decorating In The Living Room To Make It More Comfortable And Keep Up The Warmth
Image Source Deavita
A Stylish Silver Vent Less Fireplace Above Wooden Floating Storage For Modern Living Room Design
Image Source Deavita
Best Modern Sleek Vent Less Fireplace To Be Placed On Wall In The Living Room For Minimalist Look
Image Source Deavita

These designs are stove based and make them eco-friendly. Also, you decorate them aesthetically. How perfect it is.

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