5 Best DIY Fall Decor Ideas

Autumn is just around the corner. Not just for Halloween, you basically would like to have a lasting decoration throughout the fall. Still, when it comes to budgeting, you would also like to have enough – more than what you can purchase for.

To solve those issues, here are the five (5) best DIY fall decor ideas:

1. A Friendly Pumpkin Tree to Welcome Thee.

Slice a tree stump big enough for this welcome sign. Paint the stump orange before hand-paint the message in the centre. Then put this on the patio or hang this by your porch.

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2. The Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath.

This DIY wreath will work wonders to complement your home interior. It is also easy to make. Although Halloween is also in the fall, you do not have to stick to orange blooms if you have other ideas regarding this wreath.

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3. A Sunflower Wreath.

Cheer your home with this sunflower wreath decoration. All you need is more burlap and craft supplies. Although it looks like you have not gotten over summer yet, at least this wreath adds more sense of warmth at home.

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4. The Autumn Leaves Bowl.

Some shops may already have these kinds of the bowl. If you want to make your own, use some silk leaves you can get at craft stores. Blow up a balloon up to the size you want and paint mod podge into it.

Then stick the leaves on and wait for the mod podge to dry. After that, pop the balloon. Once the balloon is removed, your autumn leaves bowl is ready to use.

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5. The Paper Pumpkins.

This DIY fall decor idea is perfect for doing with kids. With orange papers (for the pumpkin), green papers (for the leaves), and some twigs and strings or ropes, all you need to make this work is some glue.

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With autumn coming soon, you will not run out of ideas for your DIY fall decor ideas. Let’s get creative.

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