20+ Easy DIY Apartment Decor Ideas on A Budget

Designing and decorating your apartment generally requires more creativity and time. Apartment is smaller and it’s kind of tricky to design the way you want without a prior knowledge in designing. If you’re a person who likes to incorporate changes in your living space, this may be happening a lot to you. Not to mention the prices of decorations are no joke these days. Most decorations you find online are either really expensive or just plainly overpriced.

Those are the reasons why we came up with these Easy DIY apartment decor ideas on a budget! To help you enhance your apartment and also your living quality! Cheap does not mean you have to settle for less than you deserve!

If you’re on a budget, thrift stores are your best friends. These stores usually sell old high quality products for a dime! You just have to be smart when you choose. Another trick you can do is to swap huge tables in your dining room for a small coffee table. Let’s face it, who eats in their apartment dining room these days? Most people choose to eat and sit in their living room. Watching TV and what not.

A Beautiful DIY Hanging Pots In Front Of The Window To Beautify Your Apartment
Source The Bird and Her Song
A Brilliant Ideas For Coffee Cup Holder With Black Hooks On Pallet Board In The Small Kitchen
Source Rhino New Paltz
A Charming DIY Hanging Towel Hooks On White Rack In The Bathroom For Small Space
Source Kynlee Diy Blog
A Cheap DIY Apartment Decor With Storage Ladder For Blanket
Source Angel Amarie Made
A Clever A Long Iron To Hang Kitchen Equipment For DIY Apartment Decor
Source Decoor
A Creative White Floating Shelves At The Corner For DIY Apartment Decor To Look Good
Source a Beautiful Mess
A Simple DIY Apartment Decor Idea On A Budget With Hanging Wire Baskets For Small Storage
Source Simple Life of a Lady
A Stunning DIY Square Bookcase For Apartment Decor To Make Look Neat
Source Apartment Therapy
A Wonderful Brown Wooden Coffe Table In The Apartment Living Room Idea To Look Simple
Source Pruden Tpenny Pincher
An awesome DIY apartment decor with vertical hanging wooden board on a budget
Source prudent penny pincher
An Easy And Simple DIY Pallet Wooden Boxes For Tv Stand And Book Storage In The Apartment
Source prudent penny pincher
An Amazing DIY Rectangle Mirror For Small Apartment Decor In 2019
Source The Holtz House
An Elegant DIY Apartment With Multifunctional Table On Arm Sofa That Made Of Sleek Wooden For Small Living Room Idea
Source One Chitecture
An Easy DIY Apartment Bedroom Decor With Pallet Nightstand To Make Good Lighting
Source prudent penny pincher
A Beautiful DIY Wall Art With Polaroid Photos In The Small Bedroom For Trending Decor
Source Happily Ever Poor
A Clever Hidden Storage To Store Trash Can In The Kitchen Apartment For Decoration On A Budget
Source Homy Style
A Cozy Bathroom Apartment Decor With Vertical Wooden Racks At The Corner For Small Space
Source Homy Style
A Gorgeous DIY Cabinet With Sliding Boxes For Apartment Idea On A Budget
Source Wood Working Session
A Pretty Combination Metal And Wooden Material For Shoe Rack Apartment Decor In 2019
Source Real Simple
A Stunning For DIY Entryway Apartment With Black Hooks On Pallet Board And Wooden Pallet Storage To Create Amazing Room
Source Homy Style
A Unique Flower That Made Of Broom Stick At The Corner To Beautify Your Apartment
Source Happily Ever Poor
A DIY Hanging Wooden Storage For Jewerely Holder In The Apartement Decor On A Budget
Source Real Simple
The Best DIY Apartment Decor With Mirror On The Pallet Box With Ceramic Pot At The Corner
Source Homy Style

If living in an apartment made you feel cramped at times, storage space is your go to! Don’t forget that colors are important too! Pop of colors make even the smallest space feel alive. So go get that spray painting or some washi tapes to make your space looks bright!

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